General Information

Eligibility Criteria

Under Graduate Programmes:




B.A. (Pass &Hons.)

3 Years

+2 Pass or equivalent examination

B.Sc. (Med., Non-Med. & Computer Science)

3 Years

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate with the concerned science group
or equivalent examination.

B.Sc. (Economics)

3 Years

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination

B.Com (Pass Course)

3 Years

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.

B.Com (Professional) 

3 Years

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.

Bachelor of Food Sc. & Technology (BFST) (Hons)

4 Years

+2 (Medical & Non-Medical) with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or  equivalent examination


3 Years

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.

B.Sc. (I.T.)

3 Years

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.

B.Sc. (Bio-Technology)

3 Years

+2 (Medical & non-Medical) with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or  equivalent examination,


3 Years

+2 with at least 50% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.


3 Yars

+2 with at least 40% Marks in aggregate or equivalent examination.

Post Graduate Programmes:

Programme Duration Eligibility
Commerce & Management

M. Com Accounting and Finance

4 Semesters

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce or Business Administration with 50% marks in aggregate or equivalent examinations.

Languages & Social Sciences

English, Hindi,
Punjabi, Sanskrit, History, Economics,
Political science.

4 Semesters

Bachelor's Degree in any faculty with 50% marks in aggregate or 45% marks in the subject concerned or equivalent examinations.

Basic Sciences

M. Sc. Physics &
M.Sc. Chemistry

4 Semesters

B.Sc. (Hons.) degree in the subject concerned
B. Sc examination with 50% marks and has studied the subject of post Graduation as an elective subject.

M.Sc. Mathematics

4 Semesters

BA/B.Sc. with 50% marks in aggregate and having Maths as one of the subject. OR
B.Sc. (Hons. School in Physics), B.Sc. Engg. with 50% marks in the aggregate and having Maths as one of the subsidiary subjects.
BA/B.Sc., in full subjects obtaining 45% marks in Maths
B.Sc. Degree in any Science subjects (any combination) with at least 50% marks or equivalent exam.

M. Sc. Zoology

4 Semesters

B.Sc.  Degree in Science subject (Med. Sc.) with at least 50% marks or equivalent exam.

Computer Science

M. Sc. (Computer Science)  &
M.Sc. (Information Technology)

4 Semesters

Graduate with Computer Science/IT/Computer Applications/ Computer Maintenance as one of the Elective Subjects with at least 50% marks in the aggregate. Or
BCA/Bachelor in Information Technology/B.Sc. (I.T.) with 50% marks in the aggregate. Or
Graduate with mathematics as an elective subject and Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications / PG Diploma in Information Tech. / PG Diploma in E-Commerce & Internet Application or equivalent with 50% marks in the aggregate.

All Post Graduate Diplomas

1 Year

Graduate with 45% marks in aggregate or equivalent
Note : Compartment Candidates are not eligible in Postgraduate Diplomas.


Important Instructions

  • Read carefully the instructions given in the Prospectus as also in the Admission Form.
  • Fill the Admission Form in your own hand. Get it signed by parents/guardians.
  • The parents/guardians must read the rules and regulations before putting their signature on the Form.
  • Get the form checked by the Admission Board.
  • Then, appear before the Admission Board for Interview.
  • If granted admission, deposit the fee at the appropriate fee-counter on the same day.
Documents needed:  Check List
  • Original Certificate and mark sheets of the lower examination passed. Attach attested photocopies with the Admission Form
  • Attested photocopy of Character Certificate from the Head of the Institution last attended.
  • Scheduled Caste/Tribe/Backward Class students must attach certificate from the competent authority
  • Outstanding sports persons, speakers, singers & artists must submit supporting certificates/testimonials    
  • Eligibility Certificate issued by GNDU to those students who have passed their qualifying examination from other institutions except from PSEB, Panjab University and Punjabi University. For securing Eligibility certificate, a candidate must apply on a prescribed form with a fee of Rs. 100/- along withthe Migration Certificate in original and a photocopy duly attested.

Students of TDC Part I may apply for change of subject in the same faculty/group within 15 days from the commencement of teaching on payment of fee of Rs. 200/- They may be allowed to change the group/faculty from Science/Commerce to Humanities if they fulfil other requirements as already laid down. Application for change of subject will be made on the prescribed form available in the College Accounts Office. Such application forms should also be signed by the Parent/Guardian of the applicant. The change, if allowed, will be at the risk of the student.

Notes :

(i) Science/Tutorial fee, etc. paid by the student at the time of admission will not be refunded or adjusted against any college dues if a student changes from the Science/Commerce Faculty to Humanities.
(ii) Change of Faculty shall be allowed if all college dues of the previous faculty taken up by the student have been cleared.
(iii) The student will have to be regular so as to attend 75% of the total lectures delivered to the class he joins after the change of subject. He will also get a clear pass in the house examination.

College Timings 

The following college timings shall normally be observed from the commencement of the session to the end of the session.

  • The first period will commence at 9.00 a.m. daily.
  • Each period shall be of 45 minutes duration.

Know the rules before the Race: Admission Procedures

  • The Principal reserves the right to grant or refuse admission to any student without assigning any reason.
  • The Principal can cancel the admission of even such a student as has been admitted to the College without assigning any reason whatsoever.
  • The students registered with the GNDU/PSEB are required to write their registration number in the column provided in the Admission Form so that such students do not have to pay the University/Board Registration Fee again. Only Continuation Fee will be charged from such students.
  • No Student shall be admitted to any class even provisionally on the production of confidential result-card.
  • A student admitted provisionally to any class is required to submit the original certificate of the lower examination passed within 5 days of admission for issue of University Registration Number failing which the Admission of the student to the college shall stand cancelled automatically although he/she might have paid all college dues. The dues thus paid shall not be refunded.
  • The foreign applicant must have valid student visa and not mere tourist visa. They should also have AIDS test-clearance certificate. They must submit their local address & passports. They must procure a recognition certificate of their lower degrees from Association of Indian Universities, Kolkata Marg, Delhi.
  • Admission to the college is made provisionally at the sole risk and responsibility of a student and is subject to the subsequent approval of GNDU. If approval to the Admission is withheld by the competent authority (for the reason that the student concerned has failed to provide the required document in time/has hidden some information/given false information/is not eligible to join the class otherwise), the entire responsibility in such a case will lie with the students himself/herself. He/she will not be entitled to any claim what so ever from the college.
  • Must qualify the Entrance Examination (if specified for such a class) in the required grade:
  • Must fulfil all the conditions regarding division/marks/merit in the lower class.
  • Must submit a certificate (wherever applicable) from the appropriate authority that the annual income of the parents does not exceed Rs. 24000/- P.A.
  • A student placed under compartment in Matriculation Examination held by any School Education Board is not granted Admission to the next higher class even provisionally.


  • The students on roll of the college are expected to be regular in attendance. The principal is fully competent to remove a student from the rolls of the college if he/she is habitually irregular in attendance. Further, the students are required to be punctual in attending every period and the late comers will not be marked present although they may be permitted to enter the class by the teacher concerned at his/her discretion.
  • Students habitually irregular in attendance and negligent in studies may be asked to leave the college at any time during the course of the session.
  • According to the University/Board ordinances, every student, including a postgraduate student, is required to attend at least 75 per cent of the lectures delivered in each subject/paper inclusive of General English and General Punjabi, Science Practicals and English Composition/Seminars, Tutorials (Commerce).
  • Those who fail to attend the required number of lectures or fail to get a clear pass in the House Examination will not be eligible to sit in the Annual Examination.
  • A student who wishes to withdraw from the college/hostel must apply on prescribed form and his application should be countersigned by his father or guardian. Such an application should be presented after the college dues have been cleared up to date.
  • If a student's name is struck off the roll of the college after his/her Admission Form for the Board/University Examination has been sent up, for non-payment of dues or for any other reason, his/her admission form will be withdrawn by the Principal and no notice to this effect will be given to the student of his/her guardian.
  • When the name of a student has been removed from the college rolls, the lectures, even if attended, will not be counted unless he/she is re-admitted immediately. Therefore, in their own interest, the scholars whose names are removed for any reason should seek re-admission immediately, otherwise they are likely to fall short of lectures.
  • The college office prepares date-wise absence record of each student. The parents/ guardians are advised to check up with the Administrative office whether their sons or daughters are regular in attending classes or not. They must visit the college office, meet the Registrar at least twice in a month to check up the progress of their wards in studies and particularly in attendance of lectures.
  • If a resident scholar absents himself/ herself from classes without any reason and whiles away his/her time in futile pursuits, disciplinary action will be taken against the student and the guardian will be informed accordingly. If the student concerned does not be come regular in classes and fails to attend 75% of the lectures delivered in classes, his/her name may be removed from the rolls of the hostel and the college. In order to be eligible to sit in the annual examination, a student must attend at least 75% of the lectures, otherwise he/she will be detained and will not be eligible to sit in the Annual Examinations.