Prof. P K Sharma retired after a glorious long career of 38 years

"Will meet somewhere sometime, while traveling the path of our lives". After a glorious long career of 38 years , Vice Principal Prof P K Sharma retired.

"Work is the truest path of worship, and the people who follow the path of work reach the skies" quoted Prof P K Sharma (Vice Principal, HOD of chemistry department) at his retirement after 38 years of his perfect professional career, while sharing his feelings and experiences of his work life and tenure.

He did his BSc , MSc in chemistry from DAV itself. He did his MPhil from GNDU in 1984 , and joined DAV as a teacher in chemistry department in 1977 , and became Vice Principal in 2012 , and HOD of his department in 2015. He has served the institution in various sectors and forms. He was in the Library committee, NSS program officer and NCC 2nd Lieutenant, Prof in charge -section formation committee. Deputy dean examination (secrecy). Purchase officer of college,Member board of studies GNDU. Member infrastructure program committee

Principal Dr B B Sharma while sharing his views and feelings addressed Prof P K Sharma as "idealistic human ". He quoted " Prof Sharma has been very close to my heart and his retirement has created a feeling of loneliness and void in my heart". He further said the way Prof Sharma has worked in his life and remained dedicated to his work and teaching is quiet exemplary and his contributions and achievements will forever remain milestones. He quoted how Prof Sharma has dealt with the students and teachers with full respect and calmness .He has served the college for about 4 decades and his working styles, philosophies and achievements are bound to be exemplary for others. Though after his retirement we will remain apart from him and his values, but his values and morals will keep guiding our paths and responsibilities. DAV will forever welcome you with opened arms and hearts.

Sharing his experiences and emotions Prof P K Sharma said to his colleagues that they aren't only connected professionally but, they are having soulful connection, their hearts are connected , and he quoted that he will try his best to maintain this pious relationship.

He further quoted "our relationships are bound to stay lifelong, and u wish it gets nourished day by day so that these beautiful relations continue".

He paid his gratitude for all his achievements in DAV to his devoted friends and colleagues.

He told how he worked lifelong without the expectation of the fruit for his work, with exact freedom, and he inspired others to adopt this concept of working. He quoted beautifully "its not the way we adopt for performing our duty that matters, but what's more important is the efforts one puts in to complete his duty". He said the memories of DAV will forever stay alive and fresh with him and he will preserve those memories with his full strength.

"In relationships distance doesn't matter" Prof P K Sharma got emotional at his retirement and quoted "my retirement is bound to bring distances between me and you all , but these miles apart won't affect the relationship we have established so far".

In the end while sharing his experiences he shared his mantra of success and quoted "the significance of being successful is when on doesn't lose self confidence , dedication and commitment to his work even in opposite conditions" and this is what our vice principal does. He further inspired everyone , never to lose any opportunity of growth and success ,and we should put in our best of energy and efforts to become successful in our duty.

He paid his gratitude to all his friends who have inculcated in him the true spirit and energy , which will definitely motivate him in the future go perform constructive tasks.