Commerce Forum organised career awareness programme

Commerce Forum of Dav College Jalandhar under the guidance of Dr Sanjeev Sharma , President Commerce Forum organised career awareness programme in association with Jalandhar Chapter of NIRC ,ICSI for First Semester Commerce and Business students . Prof V K Sareen member of Management Committee of Jalandhar Chapter was the revered Chief Guest .

Among other revered guests included:

• CS Amit Vinayak (Secretary of Jalandhar chapter of NIRC)

• CS Mohit Saluja (Treasurer Jalandhar chapter of NIRC)

• Mr Vinay Kumar (In charge Jalandhar chapter of NIRC)

• Cs Mayank Tiwari (Member jalandhar chapter of NIRC)

CS pankaj Aggarwal ,CS Vishal Soni 
CS Charu Vinayak, CS Rimpi Anand ,CS Megha Gandhi, CS Kanubha Jain also graced the occasion.

CS Amit Vinayak was presented floral welcome. Prof V K Sareen (Officiating HOD Commerce Department) was presented with a floral welcome . Dr Sanjeev Sharma (President) was also presented a floral welcome by Prof Parul.

CS Charu initiated the event by talking about the Graceful Jalandhar Chapter of NIRC. She handed over the charge to Prof V K Sareen who with his inspirational words influenced the audience . He initiated with the importance of Of Career which implies gainful employment in future . He also emphasized that students must act with conscience as choosing career, which can become stepping stones or it might prove to be your stumbling stone .

CS Amit Vinayak also connoted that students should follow their own line of study keeping in mind the future prospects and growth rather than following the herd.

Principal Dr B B Sharma with auspicious presence has always been a great sense of motivation . He quoted "along with the theoretical knowledge, one should pursue professional courses like CS, ICWA etc to strengthen ones career path for a glorious successful lit up future career path"

Students actively participated in the event.

Among college dignitaries Prof Rajiv Sharma, Prof Arun Mehra, Prof Ashok Kapoor, Prof Ram Kumar , Prof (PRO) Manish khanna, Prof Sandeep, Prof Bhuvan, Prof Richa, Prof Parul were present to grace the occasion.