National Conference Sponsored by ICSSR new Delhi on "Governance, Reforms and Development in India"

"The Senior Citizens are committing suicide on non payment of pension , and Punjab is getting best governance award "

-Prof Laxmikanta Chawla

You need to call upon your inner conscious , you voice has that inertia and momentum , remain pious morally for the coming tomorrow , your eyes can see the present and future , the governance would get corrected on its own self.

-Prof Laxmikanta Chawla

Governance is your immediate right , bit you don't take steps to keep it secured.

-Justice N K Sud

We need to give up on our selfish motives , don't consider democracy your right only , try to inculcate your sense of duty too towards it.

-DIG Kunwar Vijay Pratap Singh

DAV College Jalandhar organised a National conference sponsored by ICSSR new Delhi on "Governance, Reforms and Development in India" which today was formally inaugurated .

Principal Dr B B sharma, Prof Laxmikanta Chawla, Justice N K Sood, DIG Dr Kunwar Vijay Singh, Principal Edward Masih, Prof Satish Tandon and Dr Raj Kumar launched the initial edition of "Kautiliya Research journal"

The feeling for a new India, and altered dynamics need to take place with good ethoes and we need to take back the peculiar challenges of bad governance and need to be based and stick yourself to basic constitutional principles , our culture and historic values and the economic scenarios .India in order to fulfil the desires of its citizens need to bring monumental constructive changes as per the rule of law which laws foundation for future improvement . keeping in view this mindset DAV college jalandhar organised the national seminar on Governance , Reforms and development , sponsored by ICSSR New Delhi where Prof Laxmikanta Chawla (ex cabinet minister , Health department and social worker) was the revered chief guest .

The event was presided over by Ex judge Punjab and Haryana high Court Justice N K Sud (Vice President , DAV Management Committee , New Delhi. Under the stewardship of Principal Dr B B Sharma , the event was convened successfully by DIG Kunwar Vijay Pratap (IPS, Punjab police ) and Dr Raj Kumar .

Principal Dr B B Sharma gave a warm welcome to all the revered dignitaries and appreciated thier valuable contribution toward the nation and the society and quited we have 3 distinct pillars amongst us "political , judiciary, and police and we need to make them our role models . While getting introducted with DIG Dr kumwar Vijay he quoted " the reputation of police department is totally in contrary with him and the same applies to Madam Laxmikanta chawla who upholded the integrity of political status.For Justice N K Sud he quoted "Remaining in the judiciary he has fought many cases . Inspiring the students he said that there is no difference between their deeds and their words and told them to raise their voices for their rights . Good governance is possible only with raised good voices . To improve the quality of people's life , we need to improve the governance standards .

After that Kumwar Vijay Pratap talked about the strategies to bring about a monumental change in the nation and told how all the 4 governance models started by all the government's after the independence were a total failure because the schedule of work once started isn't accomplished efficiently . Many schemes are launched , but no follow up actions are reinstated , that's the main reason we lag behind always . Talking about the rule of law he quoted "it's just a matter of written text and quoted about Salmans hit and run case . Further he said people outside India understand their responsibility and so end up being successful. He further quoted how can a country develop where people perhaps fight for being backward and further inspired the students to be basically intelligent and not run after mere marks as marks are no measure for intelligence . In the end he quoted " we need to rethink about our own self and our country , we need to give up upon our selfish motives and need to understand about our duties too , as we show up the concerns for those rights

Former Cabinet Minister, Health Minister and Active Socialist Prof. Laxmikanta Chawla connoted,” Even with the judiciary body, the state government is flunking. Prof. Chawla concerned that the fluctuating conditions has dwindled the public faith in ruling party. Discussing with students, she said that our silence is the biggest culprit. Like mute audience; we just watch the show of evil, tolerate it but doesn’t speak a single word. Why students like you don’t raise voice against all this might of evil. Write, Speak and Stop the worst in our country. Building roads, missiles aren’t development, Development will happen when the masses will aware, orate, step up as Swami Vivekanand has voiced, “I don’t hold grudge against bad persons, I don’t like persons who just keep themselves muted and tolerate the bad.”Yes, walking on the tread of truth is not everyone’s cup of tea and on this road less taken; you must accept the criticism as your welcome. Even I was dejected from Health Department but I didn’t left my walk on the path of truth. In our country, the prevailing democracy has changed into Vote-cracy, Liqour-cracy, Family-cracy. 10 % of the women don’t vote as per their choice and the intellective persons don’t vote. As a corollary, we bring the worst rulers upon us who gifts public death every day. Now-a-days, students start protests on minute issues then what happens when it comes to protest against these evils. It is wise to remove the veil from eyes of lady of law. We have to improvise our morality and when you will start concentrating your voice in right direction, everything will get alright.

Justice N.K.Sood voiced,” We keep bragging in front of everyone that our democracy is enormous but our leaders shame to say, do acts just to please votes. Quoting the recent Jatt protest, its flaming impact on property as well as hell wrath of rapes, what type of governance was there? We are just keeping mum and exponenting the damage on us. So what I’m trying to persuade is that speak up! Raise your voice! Only then this nation will change. Every single thought to every single person will make a difference. Let’s start a journey of building an India which not only satiates the cravings of its people, but also stand proudly on the world stage. Our citizens through coordination have lots of expectations regarding development and advancement in ruling system. Some changes are foreseen because of the changing places of market forces and global fluxes. Since our organizations and politics is maturing and leading towards cyclical development, it becomes important to have planning at central level which is required to be redefined.

The Conference also held the presence of Principal Edward Maseeh and Prof. Satish Tondon which were accolade reverentially.


The stage was piloted by Prof. Manish Arora.