Two day National Seminar on Teaching, Learning and Evaluation - Day 2

" The upcoming era is going to be a challenging , teachers need to keep themselves updated and need to become performers and reformers "

-Dr. Rajiv Lochan (Director IQAC coordinator and professor , PU )Rajiv Lochan (Director IQAC coordinator and professor , PU )

" It would become obligatory to keep a record of the shortages of the attendances of the students "attendances of the students "

-Dr. Rajiv Lochan

"In order to bring a revolution in the education system , Hand heart and hand approach needs to be followed"

-Dr. Jayanti Dutta (Deputy Director, HRD Academic Staff, PU )

"Students should register themselves with the Massive Open Online Course and increase their scope of Learning"

-Dr. Jayanti Dutta

D.A.V College witnessed a grandeuring two day on National seminar on "Teaching, Learning and Evaluation". The NAAC Sponsored National Conference ended up on a very successful note.The event initiated with lamp lighting ceremony with Prof Sharad (convenor of the seminar) conducting the stage .

At this occasion, Vice Principal Prof Vijay Sareen welcomed all the dignitaries with a warm heart and quoted "with these great eminent people present amongst us and by adopting thief ideas , our system is bound to change and a revolution will definitely come up .

Keynote speaker Dr Rajiv Lochan quoted " this is a very comprehensive subject and authenticity will only be there is the facts sheet is accurate enough, till the time data entries ain't correct , the results won't be authentic.
How well are your students performing after passing out ? It's now important to keep the record of . In what all areas are your alumni our performing !? Your responsibility is not only up to your bright students but also your below average students , we need to work up upon the back benchers too . We are spreading depression among students in the blind race for marks .

Further, he quoted "Whatever research work people have done , the papers you have written or the books you published is going to become void soon , if you don't have them published systematically on the web , to become tech savvy is very important . These days your evaluation is done without your knowledge and without being informing you . The national institution for ranking framework has been established which will rank various institutions on the parameters of Teaching , learning , resources , professional practice , Graduation outsources , outreach and perception , which is going to make this education system more stern and tough . Today education alone won't work , you are to inculcate values and make them capable most .

Dr. Jayanti Dutta quoted " for bringing about a revolution in the system , head heart and hand approach needs to be adopted , and in order to make classroom culture more efficient , governance policies , administration , Political scenarios , society , parents and students all play crucial roles along with the teacher . They need to adapt learn to teach concept so as to adopt more newer skills of imparting knowledge to them . The teaching needs to be 2 centric involving integration of the students and teachers and they need to self-evaluate them self so as to coin out the dire loopholes and should register themselves with massive open online courses free of cost si as to collaborate with the foreign universities and enhance their scope of Learning .

In the technical session , teachers presented their papers .

In the valedictorian session , Principal Dr. BB Sharma congratulated the managing committee specially Prof Sharad Manocha Convenor and Prof Sonika, organising secretary of this seminar and thanked the dignitaries for their valuable presence .

Prof Sonika (Organising Secretary) presented the report of the seminar and later Dr. RK Mahajan (Dean college development council ) GNDU presented the valedictorian address.

After this Dr Sanjeev Sharma (Principal Dav Bathinda ) quoted "education is the core area , and we need to think upon it more openly and vigorously and should never underestimate it's importance and stay away from any interference by any authority , but the present scenario is just ridiculous . The policies that were framed 60 years back are still the same , we need to be dynamic enough and become research-centric ."

In the session certificates were given to the presenters , and in the seminar Principal Dr. Anoop Vats , Dr Raj Kumar , Dr Suresh Khurana, Prof Pankaj Gupta, Prof Dinesh Kumar ,Prof Vipin Jhanji, Prof Sonika, Prof Manish Khanna, Prof Naveen Sood , Prof Naveen Saini , Prof Rajan, Prof A K Trivedi, Prof Sandeep were also present