Talent Hunt 2016

DAV College students on the initial day of "Talent Hunt 2016" exhibited their inner hidden talents and students got a chance to explore and improve their inner hidden talent. Around 200 students took part.
DAV College organised a talent hunt competition for the fresher's. On the first day of talent hunt the DAV students presented a show of their hidden talents and capabilities. Every student was trying to influence the selectors with their talents.
"The Raga Bhairvi presented by the honourable Chief guest Prof B S Narang was applauded by all"
Every one was thrilled especially by the Punjabi and western songs and dances
Prof Sukhdev Singh Randhawa (Dean EMA department) told how different categories have been kept to explore various talents. The categories included song/gazals, folk songs and western songs, classical vocal, instrumental music, elocution, debate, quiz, classical dance, giddha/bhangra, rangoli, landscape, painting, sketching, collage, poster making, clay modeling, phulkari, cartooning etc were present in the main category.
The event started with the Ved Mantra reciting. Honourable Chief guest Shri B S Narang was given a warm welcome by Vice Principal Prof V K Sareen, Dean Prof Sukhdev Singh Randhawa and Deputy Dean Prof S J Talwar.
Prof Narang has served DAV College for 38 years and his cultural presentations have been appreciated in the SAARC nations. He has been a Harivalbhav star and he inspired the students to instill into themselves moral ethics and told how such talent hunts assists in exploring the hidden talents and help In the overall development of a student.
He insisted and inspired students to follow the noble path of discipline, moral values and great thoughts. He quoted "such kind of competitions are conducted and organised to carve out the hidden and unpolished talents of the students, so the students should participate in them with great zeal. He said such events lead to all found development of the students.
Prof S J Talwar (Deputy Dean EMA) informed about the commencement of the preparations of Zonal youth fest, and through talent hunts we will search for new talents for the youth fest.
During this,many students with their outstanding performance won many hearts.
To judge the students under different categories of talents various selection committees had been formulated including Prof Ekjot Kaur, Dr Dinesh Arora, Prof Komal Soni, Prof Amit, Prof Kailash Kumar, Prof Shailja, Prof Tausheen Des Raj, Prof Priynkaa and Prof Sonia.
Special guest performances were also conducted where Shivantika Nagar sang her melody.
At this occasion Vice Principal Prof Vijay Sareen gave his heartfelt wishes to the newly explored talents.
In the end deputy Dean Prof S J Talwar have the thank-you speech.