Viewed freely, the English language is the accretion and growth of every dialect, race, and range of time, and is both the free and compacted composition of all.” —Walt Whitman

The Department of English is amongst the earliest ones to be set up in the College. Ever since its inception, the department has continuously strived to keep itself in sync with the developments in the academic world. Post-graduation in English is virtually a stepping stone for students, who are considering careers in Electronic & Print media, Advertising, Teaching, HRD, Civil Services, Theatre, Research, Creative Writing etc. It gives them definitive edge to take on the challenges these professions throw at them.

Courses offered:

Post-Graduation :M.A. in English (Duration: 4 Semesters)


English as Compulsory subject

English as an Elective subject

English (Honours)

Communicative English

Ad-on Course:

  • Certificate Course in Communication Skills in English.
  • Diploma Course in Communication Skills in English.
  • Advanced Course in Communication Skills in English.


  • Sh. Salil Kumar Uppal, M.A. (Head)
  • Mrs.Archana Oberoi, M.A., M. Phil.
  • Mrs.Renu Gupta, M.A., M. Phil.
  • Mrs.Sonika Dania, M.A., M. Phil.
  • Dr.Anoop Kumar Vatts, M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.   (On Leave)
  • Sh.Sharad Manocha, M.A., M.Phil.
  • Ms.Anju Bala, M.A., M. Phil.
  • Dr. N.K. Neb, M.A., M. Phil, Ph.D.
  • Sh.Naresh Kumar, M.A.
  • Ms. Pardeep Kaur
  • Ms. Suruchi Katla, M.A., NET
  • Ms. Bhavna
  • Ms. Sonia
  • Ms. Ekta Bhardwaj
  • Ms. Nitika Miglani
  • Ms. Vidhi Dutta
  • Ms. Rita
  • Ms. Amanpreet Kaur
  • Ms. Priyanka Anand
  • Ms. Mamta

Distinctions of the Department:

With an efficient and dedicated team of professionals, the department is rendering yeoman service not just in the subject but also to all major activities of the college. Be it college functions, seminars, theatre or any other event, the department is at the forefront to ensure highest standards and quality. The department has assiduously and painstakingly put in efforts towards building the standards and reputation of our hallowed institution.

  • The Department is manned by seasoned faculty members most of whom possess MPhil/Ph.D. degrees and in some cases both the degrees.
  • ‘Dynamism’ is the key-word for the department of English. New courses offered by the University have been taken up as a welcome change. The subject of communication skills in English has been introduced in professional courses like BCA and B.Sc.ITand in B.Sc. Biotechnology.
  • To cope with the needs of the students, a Language Lab was established. This lab is constantly updated in terms of latest technical infrastructure and knowledge resource.
  • The department has the largest number of books and journals in the English Section in the Main Library. Besides a big chunk of books related to prescribed syllabi for various courses / classes, there is a substantial collection of books (including rare / reference books) on English language and literature.
  • The members of the department are contributing significantly to various components of College structure such as sports, Co-curricular activities, publication of the College Magazine, News Bulletin, Annual Reports and in the organization of various functions.
  • ‘The English Seminar’ is a very active and progressive society of the department and it provides a sumptuous literary feast to the students. It organizes Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Extension Lectures and Educational Trips for the intellectual and social growth of the students.
  • The English section in the main library has the largest number of books and journals.
  • The department runs a very active and progressive literary society called ‘The English Seminar’ which regularly organizes Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Extension Lectures and Educational Trips for the intellectual and social growth of the students

Seminars / Conferences / Workshops organised:

  • Extension lecture on Understanding Literature (23rd August, 2014) Resource Person: Prof. G.C. Mago.
  • 1-dayMultidisciplinary National Seminar on Translation in Contemporary Scenario (28th April, 2014)
  • 3-day Multidisciplinary National Seminar on Awakening Among People All through the Lens of Manuscripts in collaboration with National Mission for Manuscripts (27th-28th-29th March 2014)
  • Extension Lecture on Genesis of Partition of India and its aftermath (20th February,2014) Resource Person: Principal J.C Joshi
  • Extension lecture on Careers Options in English. Resource Person: Dr. Gauri Chhabra.

Glorious Results:

Manpreet MA (Semester)-I Merit 2013
Priyanka MA (Semester)-I Merit 2013
Nitika MA (Semester)-I Merit 2013
Priyanka BA Eng (Hons) Gold Medal 2012
Winiee Sharma MA - II 3rd in University 2012
Chakshu MA - II Merit 2012
Bhavna MA - II Merit 2012
Samriti Nagpal MA-II 3rd in University 2010
Nitika Dewan MA-II 3rd in University 2009
Savdha Kalia MA-II 3rd in University 2008