DAV College Jalandhar’s vision is to make India an intellectually formidable power-house by creating a cadre of motivated and prospective individuals who become catalysts of change through education which is value & need-based, and which is also globally relevant and yet rooted in the matrix of Indian philosophy.

The mission of DAV College Jalandhar is to create a progressive and creative model of life-long learning, teaching, evaluation and research which is totally in gear with the needs of industry, commerce and public sector, which is also sensitive to Regional, National and International aspirations, and which is in perfect rhythm with the Vedic wisdom and the modern scientific temper.

     To impart quality education in Science, Humanities, Commerce and Media Studies.
    To mould students into rational thinkers, competent workers and socially aware citizens.
    To sensetise the students towards inclusive social concerns, human rights and environmental issues.
    To uphold and amalgamate Vedic values and propagate the message and teachings of Swami Dayanandwith the modern scientific thinking.