DAV College Jalandhar : Ranked No. 1 amongst Non- Autonomous Colleges

DAV College Jalandhar has been Ranked No. 1 amongst Non- Autonomous Colleges in Punjab. Annual EducationWorld India Higher Education Rankings (EWIHER) of the past few years had been ranking privately-promoted autonomous, non-autonomous and government autonomous colleges in separate and distinct league tables.The number of non-autonomous colleges that are sufficiently well-known and well-reputed to be listed in EWIHER 2021-22 is small — barely 127 — because low-profile institutions evaluated by less than 25 sample respondents are disqualified from inclusion. The vast majority of India’s 55,000 junior and undergrad colleges are modest, non-descript institutions tied to the coat-tails of their affiliating universities. Therefore the annual EW league table of the country’s most reputed non-autonomous colleges serves the useful purpose of identifying the best among them. It is a matter of great pride that this year's ranking lists DAV College Jalandhar at the top (No. 1) amongst Non- Autonomous Colleges in Punjab and (30th) in India.